BerryTube First Time Visitor's Guide

Welcome to BerryTube the bar on the outskirts of the My Little Pony fandom!

Hi new person! If you're reading this, then you have been invited (or have drunkenly stumbled upon) BerryTube, a half-bar, half-video-sharing, all-madness, supersite.

This FAQ hopefully has some useful information for you. If you have any other questions or want to suggest a new question, just drop it in chat if there's active mods/admins or message us on Reddit if there's nobody available.

How do I request videos?

Typing "/r The Most Awesome Video Ever" or "/request The Most Awesome Video Ever" will show up in chat as:

<19:30:57> Username requests The Most Awesome Video Ever

How do I spoiler text?

similar to requesting videos, typing "/sp Super Sensitive Details" or "/spoiler Super Sensitive Details" will show up in text as...

<18:58:46> Username: SPOILER: Super Sensitive Details

...letting you hover with your mouse to reveal the text. Please use this when talking about future My Little Pony episodes or other spoilers relevant to the conversation at the time. Abusing it by saying things like "TWILIGHT SPARKLE IS A PONY" is discouraged, as this was only funny the first 15 or so times it came up in chat.

How do I use emotes on BerryTube?

Due to BetterPonyMotes not entirely suiting our needs, we've developed our own script called MarmEmotes. You can download it here.. This script currently only works on BerryTube, and has many more custom features as well as scraping emotes from subreddits that BPM does not. If you're already using BPM, don't worry, the two scripts don't clash.

Simply download and drag and drop into the Extensions page in Chrome, or, for Firefox users, install via GreaseMonkey.

I just typed "anypony" and it got filtered to "anybody." What gives?

Nothing personal, it's just a large part of the community (as well as the mods/admins) are not into the roleplay aspect of the fandom, and feel the BerryTube experience is better without it.

Also, our anypony → anybody wordfilter is just one of many filters, but none of them should be taken too seriously. Please let us know if we're getting too crazy or outright make a mistake. Things are much better now that wordfilters aren't a shiny new toy anymore, but expect enough silliness to keep things interesting.

Should I really be taking this many drinks?

A lot of people are introduced to BerryTube via the drinking games, so this question only makes sense in that context.

Episodes are in the 20-50 drink range, so they should be played with sips of alcohol, make sure to start small, especially if you're an unexperienced drinker. If at any point you feel sick or too intoxicated, feel free to stop playing, or continue playing but with water instead of alcohol. The drinking game is really not a competitive thing, you don't win anything by holding out or lose anything by going to sleep early, and you shouldn't gain/lose respect from anyone by choosing either one.

When do the weekend drinking games end?

It varies. On Friday nights before a new episode airs, we'll sometimes have people stay up the whole night in anticipation of the new airing. It more or less depends on how many people are still hanging out, whether there's someone available to keep calling drinks, whether people want to keep watching episodes or want to change over to music, things like that. If people really want to keep going but all the mods/admins want to go to sleep, we might give someone berry and let them handle things for the rest of the night.

What's all this talk of 'giving someone berry'?

It's essentially letting someone else behind the bar. Sort of.

Berry-ing someone gives them a Berry icon (using the default theme) next to their name and allows them to queue videos, call drinks, add new videos (temporarily) and things like that. However, they're limited in that they can't remove videos permanently (although they can skip videos just fine).

We still try to limit this to long-time BerryTube community members, though, so people don't go mad with power unsupervised. Asking for Berry is almost always a surefire way of not getting it.